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How to stretch and varnish Portrait Exercise Template

Put together 24"x30" stretching bars. You can find them pretty cheap on Internet. Try to establish 90° angles as best as you can. Stretch the canvas as even as possible, left 2 to 3 in. between staples. Use only power of your fingers (mechanical gadgets like a stretching pliers have lack of power control and can damage gentle canvas easily).

I used waterproof mate canvas to print with archival inks, and I tried all possible finishing - like solvent and water based varnishing. But in order to continue work with oil paint on top - the following finish is the best: Ace, water based, Gloss. Please don't use it right fom the can. Add 25 to 30% of water. Believe me, it will bring much better results.

Don't get scared when you see milky color of the fresh varnish, eventually it will become normally transparent high gloss finish. Please apply your varnishing layers three to five times (complete dry between coating is required).


Portrait Exercise Template About.
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Attention! Step by Step Exercise Template is shipped in the tube. Before use it must be stretched on the stretching bars, taped or pinned on the flat surface and then covered with water based glossy varnish.

Here are the detailed instructions how to stretch and varnish by yourself.

If you prefer to receive Exercise Portrait Template stretched on the stretching bars and varnished the extra fee will apply during the checkout.



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