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Giclee Step by Step Portrait Exercise Template

Classical Oil Painting Technique                                      View the Video   

A special teaching system which I have developed specifically to enable the student to learn and remember the main technical principles of the Flemish painting traditions in a very short period of time.

Giclee step by step Portrait Exercise Template - is a high-quality 24"x 30" Giclee (archival ink print on canvas), print with 6 windows reflecting step-by-step stages in making paint layers: from the drawing to the final brush strokes. On top of it there are 27 thumbnail windows showing each change between the layers.

In the windows of the previous stages (layers), the student can imitate the exact color and shade mixture of the next layer, following the example of the template, without waiting for the paint to dry.

You can purchase Giclee Step by Step Portrait Exercise Template in order to enhance your classical oil painting technique skills. You can find also the basic rules of this technique and the description of each one of six stages printed right on canvas.

Portrait Exercise Template About.
Buy now $280.00

Attention! Step by Step Exercise Template is shipped in the tube. Before use it must be stretched on the stretching bars, taped or pinned on the flat surface and then covered with water based glossy varnish.

Here are the detailed instructions how to stretch and varnish by yourself.

If you prefer to receive Exercise Portrait Template stretched on the stretching bars and varnished the extra fee will apply during the checkout.


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